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Top Gun Arizona High School Cheer Training Programs are here to make your school cheer program a success. We can eliminate some of the day-to-day stress and obligations that go with coaching and make sure every athlete’s experience is rewarding and memorable. Top Gun offers tryout assistance and weekly training, as well as camps and choreography to prepare your athletes for games.

Program Details

Tryout Assistance
Top Gun can offer an all-inclusive tryout package for any school needing assistance with their tryouts. We can provide a space to hold your practices leading up to tryouts, help with a routine for the tryouts, as well as provide judges who can judge your tryouts.

Price: $300

Weekly Training

Weekly training consists of your choice of one to four hours per week. You can schedule your time in one of our facilities. Our instructors will work on tumbling, building skills, jump technique, and routine choreography. We can also focus on an area of your choice.

  • 1 Hour/Week: $60 per athlete per month*
  • 2 Hours/Week: $70 per athlete per month*
  • 3 Hours/Week: $90 per athlete per month*
  • 4 Hours/Week: $110 per athlete per month*

*There is a $55 annual registration fee per athlete, which is due the first month of instruction.

Camps & Choreography

Top Gun offers a wide variety of camps and clinics to prepare your athlete for competitions and games. We offer competition choreography for AIA, USA, UCA and NCA. These camps can be held at one of our Top Gun facilities or your school.

  • Skills Clinic – $45 per athlete
    3 hours of stunts, pyramid, and jump technique (3 hours in one day)
  • Game Day Choreography – $125 per athlete
    Game day routine: band dance, sideline cheer, chant and fight song (8 hours in two days)
  • Halftime Routines – $145 per athlete
    3 halftime routines with custom music (8 hours in two days)
  • Traditional Choreography – $165 per athlete
    (8.5 hours in one day)

If you book two camps you will receive a 10% discount on your second camp (discount applied toward the camp of lesser value). If you book three camps, you will receive a 15% discount on your second and third camps (discount applied toward the camps of lesser value).

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